Few side-effects of Phentermine 37.5 Can we Take Overdose Phentermine

If you experience any of these serious side-effects stop taking this medication immediately and contact your doctor:

Chest pain,swelling in your ankles or feet, Fast or irregular heartbeat, Light-headedness,fainting or feeling short of breath after only mild exertion, Abnormal thoughts or behavior, such as feeling or overly aggressive, Signs of incresed blood pressure,such as severe headache,blurred vision,chest pain,numbness or seizures.

Phentermine is a great medicine, but this medicine needs a little help from you. While phentermine helps you, you must phentermine too. You can do that by following a good and well balanced diet and by doing some controlled exercises. It is very important to do that because without a well balanced diet and some well controlled exercises it is possible that phentermine will not help you as good as you wish. So for maximum results in the shortest time possible use phentermine together with a well balanced diet and do some controlled exercises.

There few serious side-effects that may occur. These do not require that you stop taking your prescription, however if they do become troublesome or begin developing into a more serious side-effect please contact your doctor.There can be some side effects like:

Dizziness,Dry mouth,Itchiness,Headache,Sleeplessness or insomnia,Nervousness or anxiety,Diarrhea or constipation.

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