Adipex diet drug

Adipex diet drug comes in tablet form. Adipex is an oral prescription drug; without doctor’s prescription its use must be avoided. Adipex comes in the form of tablets. Doctors generally prescribe for 37.5mg of adipex should be swallowed with one glassful of plain water. Breaking and chewing of adipex tablet is strictly prohibited. The dosages are taken empty stomach one hour before the breakfast. In any case don’t take the overdose of adipex. Even if you have skipped one or more doses of adipex don’t try to compensate it by increasing the volume of subsequent doses; just continue with your regular dosages. Make sure to keep adipex diet pills in the tightly closed container and out of children’s reach. Store it at room temperature away from excess heat and moisture. Avoid alcohol when you take are undergoing adipex medication. It can increase unwanted side effects of dizziness. In case you are allergic to adipex make sure to you are a diabetic patient, you may need a larger dose of insulin while taking adipex. Contact your doctor for questions or problems. The medication is not recommended for children.

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