Do You Need Phentramin D Without a Prescription?

The back story of Phentramin D is rather fascinating. Phentramin d believed to be more effective compare to any pill weight loss pill with ephedra and unlike other weight loss supplements, phentramin d is 100% chemical pill. Phentramin D is a main alternative to a prescription drug phentermine, and by many considered to be non prescription form of phentermine. The first producing company, Lazarus Labs, named the drug Phentramin D and produced non prescription weight loss pills using this name. Lazazrus Labs have chosen name Phentramin to to attarct phentermine customers.

The new version of phentermine is not a prescription drug but a dietary supplement. So right away, you must understand that Phentramin D is not a medical drug and does not pose those associated risks. (The original drug was actually pulled from the market) Not that the company chose the name ignorantly-they were well aware of the power the name phentermine had. No doubt some consumers buy Phentramin D, believing it to be the same or very similar to the original prescription drug of the similar name.

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