Phentramin D ingredients

Phentramin D contains a proprietary blend of 245 milligrams and 100 milligrams of caffeine with each serving. What ingredients are contained in the list of the proprietary blend?

Methylphenylethylamine tartrate






Theobromine Anhydrous


Negative reviews of the Phentramin D have implied that this proprietary blend is typical when compared to other slimming products and fat burning supplements. Phentramin D weight loss pills do not contain phentermine, as this is a prescription only drug. The supplement does have a variation of phenylethylamine, which is in the amphetamines family. This ingredient increases extracellular levels of dopamine, which is ideal for treating depression. However, its effects on actual weight loss are yet to be studied. Some of the ingredients in the proprietary blend can help a person boost their metabolism, which will help burn more calories than normal.

As long as buyers are aware of what Phentramin D really is, as opposed to implications made by some marketers, there should be no problem. Some claim that Phentramin D works and since it is only 245 milligrams there is no reason to believe this supplement will result in an unhealthy overdose. Where can you buy the cheapest Phentramin D products? You can find Phentramin D and more of the cheapest weight loss pills from supplemental health stores, health-conscious grocery chains, and over the Internet.

When looking for cheaper versions of “Phentramin D weight loss pills” use search and compare tools from various websites. Remember, you may have to try a few solutions before finding a slimming pill that works.


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