When to Use Phentramin-d

So, you have been dieting and exercising for several weeks or months but you seem to have reached a “plateau”? This is actually a common phenomenon with many dieters. What it means is that your body might need a few challenges if it is going to get rid of those last few pounds or continue in the direction that it was headed. Usually this is because of your metabolism. While you could visit a doctor to get a prescription medication to help with that, there is an all-natural way to do this on your own – Phentramin-d.Phentramin-d is an over the counter, all-natural supplement that delivers all of the effects of the prescription drugs, without any of the risks, problems or concerns that so often come with the chemical formulations. Phentramin-d is a proprietary formula from Lazarus Labs, and it is acknowledged as the only truly safe substitute for Ephedra and Phentermine. The FDA has banned Ephedra and closely monitors Phentermine because of the major health risks associated with their use – these include addiction, respiratory problems and high levels of irritability.The beauty of Phentramin-d is that it causes none of these worrisome side effects, but actually delivers all of the enormous benefits similar to such formulas. For example, anyone who decides to add Phentramin-d to their daily diet will soon see an increase in their energy levels. They will also enjoy the mental and physical stimulus of the formula as it increases metabolism and stimulates thermogenic activity. While creating energy and burning fat, Phentramin-d also suppresses the appetite which can deliver a real “one-two” punch to those final unwanted pounds.Breaking out of the plateau might also mean adding a few more minutes of exercise to the schedule, and here too is where Phentramin-d can really help. This is because it will add a real desire to exercise by boosting energy levels in the brain and the body. It is like having your own personal coach cheering you on to success.Some prescription formulas of the past were more appropriate to one gender or another, but Phentramin-d is the ideal solution for men and women alike. It creates the same metabolic effects regardless of gender, activity levels or dietary needs. If someone wants to lose “baby weight” or if a weight lifter wants to get their “six pack” abs, the herbal formulation of Phentramin-d can give them what they need to meet their goals.

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